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Rock band DemiVoix prides themselves on shattering musical expectations. At the forefront of the #pinoyrock movement, the female-fronted ensemble inhabits a soundworld meticulously refined through 12 years of tinkering, unleashing piledriving guitar riffs and mayhem in one set while mellowing out with understated, inward melodies in the next.


Literally translated to “half voice”, DemiVoix alludes to the halfway point at which the disparate voices of the band meet—from a classical conservatory graduate to a grunge guitarist, each member of the band brings their own expertise to create an awe-inspiring, occasionally weird whole. Preconceptions are best left at the door.


The core of DemiVoix has existed since 2006, when Keith (vocals, keyboard) joined Bon (drums) and Karinne (guitar) to form Urban Acid. After disbanding in 2007, the three musicians reformed in 2008 under DemiVoix, adding Ronnel on bass. Genre-flexible bands like Faith No More, Dream Theater, and Nightwish are among the group’s inspirations. 


DemiVoix is based in Orange County, California; their self-titled EP released in 2019. They have appeared in a bevy of SoCal venues, events, and festivals, including at the Stardust Club, Bar Azul, Laklak Fest, Alex’s Bar, and Red Garage Production. Learn more at


© John Hong, 2020

Artistic Statement:
Our songs stem from structured compositions to improvisation. We often explore our unique styles, integrating and blending them with our instruments. Using thematic schemes, life events, poetry, and ideologies as inspiration for writing music, we are conscious in finding the balance between technique and musicality.

Band Members:

Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Synthesizer :: Keith

Guitars/Vocals :: Karinne

Bass Guitar :: Ronnel

Drums/Vocals :: Bon

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